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Calling All Current AND Future Business Owners!

Think Like an Owner Academy is a year-long course that taught for business owners, by business owners. TLO Academy will teach you the ins and outs of leadership and business management!

TLO Academy

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About TLO Academy:

The TLO Academy course presents the major elements of business management and leadership skills necessary to think like an owner. The classes are taught in classroom style setting by category experts that own their own businesses. The group setting provides the dynamics necessary to share and actively engage with the experts and share your experiences with other class members. In addition to the monthly topics, you will meet monthly 1-on-1 with TLO Academy experts to discuss your specific challenges & opportunities. TLO Academy also interweaves relevant business seminars to further enhance your educational journey.

Topics Include:

  • Leadership and Personal Development
  • Understanding Financial Statements & Business Metrics
  • Measuring KPIs and Balancing Scorecards
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Customer Service & Hospitality
  • HR emphasizing Legal Standpoint
  • HR emphasizing Management & Organizational Development
  • Long-Term Success
  • 6 Keys To A Winning Team
  • Financial Planning and Commercial Banking
  • Creating a Personal Development Plan

This Course Is Tailored Towards:

1. Current business owners soon to pass the torch.

Only 30% of Family-Owned businesses survive the second generation, and only 13% survive the third. Protect the business you have worked hard to maintain by attending TLO Academy. Enroll with your successor to be sure he or she can seamlessly take over, or attend to gain the information needed on how to train your key employee to take on the business owner role.

2. Individuals who are next in line to take over a business.

Are you ready for the responsibility of running a business? Learn about the day-to-day functions that come along with the title. The topics covered in TLO Academy are ones that you often do not learn in a college course. Our experts share real-life business owner scenarios, that are not often learned till you are on the job.

3. Entrepreneurs looking to gain the business-owner skill set.

Looking to branch out on your own? Many entrepreneurs start their businesses as experts in their trade, but lack the skills needed to run a successful company. TLO Academy will touch on the fundamentals of leadership and management, to give entrepreneurs the foundation needed to stay afloat.

4. Young professionals who aspire to own a business one day.

Whether its to run a franchise, climb the ranking in your current company, or start your own business in the future, TLO Academy will give you a head start on the knowledge needed to one day be the boss. TLO Academy will also help you develop the leadership and management skills needed to shine above the rest of your co-workers.

Open spots are available in our Spring 2016 class!

Class meets monthly both in person (in Des Moines) and virtually every third Tuesday from 3-7 PM. For More Information and to sign up, visit

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