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“Action Board is a great group, we mentor each other on business and even personal problems. Having another set of eyes and getting outside of your own box is really beneficial and it gives you an opportunity to help others. Greg really helps to keep us on task and accountable.”

Chuck Gassmann, Bell Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning

“The real benefit in Action Board is the peer group aspect of being able to bounce ideas off of other business owners who have had the same experiences or even different experiences than you to draw from. The value has been exponential to the time spent in Action Board. Every month, I leave the meeting with something outstanding I learned. It’s one of the only things I do outside of work, that’s work related, that I thoroughly enjoy. Greg’s best quality is his ability to see the big picture and remain objective. He’s been able to see things in our business that we couldn’t see. I would recommend Action Board to any business owner!”

Scott Breitman, Dymin Computer Systems

“Action Board was a great way to meet new contacts and it gets me out of the office. Its a good sounding board of business owners that help each other resolve problems.”

John Brightwell, Brightwell’s Boathouse

“Action Board gives small business owners the opportunity to create a good network of people of which to get input on ideas or challenges in our business. It is a great opportunity to learn from others successes and challenges. Greg really keeps us accountable to our goals. Being part of this group is value added.”

Marc Hyland, Majestic Truck Collision and Repair

“In the area of systems building, Greg has helped us identify inefficiencies that exist and establish new processes to resolve them. Action Coach has also helped us to identify new sources of revenue which led to a 10% increase in sales the past 12 months. Greg is very organized, and offers great tools to use within your business. He has helped my entire management team to coordinate plans for the future.”

Joe Chmelka, Westside Appliance and Repair

“Greg helped me to analyze my sales and profits, find weak points and strategize ways to improve the bottom line. We are now looking ahead at the business and my goals for growth. Most recently Greg helped me identify some new ways to gain referrals and be more visible to my clients friends and families. Working with Greg this year has increased our profits from 27% last year to 42% this year.”

Julie Youngblade, JY Design

“I highly recommend Action Board to any business owner. It had provided me a safe, but challenging opportunity to open myself up to some of the downsides of owning a business. Everyone has at one time or another gone through something similar and the ideas and suggestions are usually spot on. I can’t get the honest, confidential feedback anywhere else.”

Dan Lienemann, Action Reprographics

“Working with Greg for the last 5 years has been a pleasure. He challenges me and our company while providing insights and tools to make strides forward. We got our costs under control and set baselines to give us an idea of where we stood so we were able to measure progress. We have created cash-flow and productivity tools. Weekly meetings help make sure that things move forward. He is a Hawkeye fan so I know I can trust him. “

Gabe Glynn, Slash/Web Studios

“Being part of Action Board has helped me to focus on developing a long-term business plan rather than just working day to day. Greg is a good coach because he is grounded and brings a sense of calm to tense situations. He always gives a very objective opinion. We have seen great improvement in our marketing efforts and employee relations since joining Action Board. I would recommend this resource to small businesses to help work on long term goals and objectives.”

Tim, Kippys Bar and Grill

“Action Board is a great business tool because the other business owners have seen similar problems. Input from the group helped my business to reengineer our collection policy. Greg keeps the meetings on point, and has a good sense of when to move on to a new topic. I would recommend Action Board to business owners because its a confidential group outside of your own bubble that can help you see things from a different view point.”

Joe Ferin, Centurion Stone

“Greg’s business coaching has helped us to develop new programs and procedures for our employees as well as to create plans for achieving the goals we set. Greg is honest and prompt, we really trust his opinion. Business coaching offers a lot of tools, ideas, and solutions to running a business.”

Lisa Timm, Invisible Fence Of Iowa

“The weekly coaching sessions required us to be diligent and honest about our performance and ability to take the necessary actions to move our business to the next level. Greg’s approach is very flexible and we relied heavily not only on his coaching ability but his years of high level management experience as we dealt with the employee issues involved in implementing change. Each week we would address our “fires” prior to going over the assigned tasks from the previous week. Having a resource like Greg to lean on for honest, cut-throat advice was something we learned very quickly was a huge asset in our association with him.”

Jeremy Nichols, Cyclone Contracting Corp.

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